Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rushing for ‘upto 50% sale’…ask before the task!

Oh my God they have 50% off!!!...Go to the malls nowadays and you can hear the thrilled voices and see a lot of excited faces. If you also belong to these exited faces, answer next few questions before you head for the payment counter.
1. Do you really need it?
If you think you are stocking for the year, go through your last year’s stock and don’t be surprised to see the stuff lying in the back of your cupboards and utility rooms. You are only adding to the pile if you are not going to use it in next few months.
2. Would you really save some money?
If you are eager to grab the ‘3 for 2’ offers, ensure that 2nd and 3rd ones are a welcome addition and that you don’t convince yourself unnecessarily to buy them. You shall save more if you buy one and avail 10% discount than if you buy more than one and end up never using them.
3. Would you get exactly what you needed?
If you have entered the shop with the hope to find your long desired product at a lesser price, make sure you do not compromise on it. During sales, you may mostly be disappointed about the mismatch of your demand and the displayed product. You may not be able to get the size, colour, design, usage etc so desired by you. You shall be more satisfied to pay a higher price for what you wanted than the discounted price for what is available.
4. Did you pick up the items with discount only?
If you trust the stores to keep separate sections of discounted and fresh products than remember the caveat ‘buyer beware’! They often mix up all types. You should confirm about the discount before making the payment. You do not enjoy the benefits of sale if you buy items not on discount.
5. Have you examined the item thoroughly?
If you believe that the stores come up with sales to clear off the inventory, you have misconstrued it. You may find rejected items mixed up with the good conditioned ones. You may still be able to bear the burden in case of low value items like apparels and shoes but high value items like white goods need more careful examination before buying.
Now ‘shop till you drop’ if you are convinced with your answers. Otherwise you shall be saving more without rushing for ‘upto 50% sale’.